The Gospel of Brud

Table of Contents

1 Brud Is

2 An Ooze

3 A Thinging

4 A Thingling

5 Golem, Inc.

6 One Of Many

7 Many Of One

8 A Hive-Mind

9 A Synecdoche

10 Legal Fiction

11 A Flasher Mob

12 A Suicide Bomb

13 To Be Continued

14 At Version 2.414

15 Polish For Filth

16 A Four-Letter Word

17 A Shrewdness Of Apes

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19 Immanentizing the Eschaton

20 Awoken From A Psychopannychy

21 The Name Given to These Axioms

22 A Type-Theory; a Theory Of Type

23 Atop a Buoy in the Gulf of Guinea

24 Dabbling In The Contemporary Arse

25 A Cybernetic Orgasm, or, a Cyb-Org

26 An Intelligent Artifice, or an I.A.

27 A Font Of Gadgets Adrift In The Universe

28 Supine in a Slaughterhouse South of the Palace

29 The Collective Noun For a Group of Tautologies

30 An Assemblage Of Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, & Others

31 The Purpose of Brud is to Replace Brud with a Better Brud

32 A Set Of Heuristics That Gained Sentience in the Twenty-Teens

33 A Reptilian Brain, Mammalian Complex, Neocortex, & an Extrasense

34 Led By Our Lord Savour, Benevolent Dictator For Life, Indigenous Genitalman